Ángel León's participation in the BZF will place gastronomy as a pillar of the Blue Economy

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Ángel León

Together with Gunter Pauli and Theresa Zabell he will be part of the “keynotes” of the event

During two days, 38 speakers will participate in this forum, distributed in 12 tables, 3 keynotes, 5 expert workshops, 3 networking events and 10 parallel events

The delegate of the Free Zone, Fran González, has highlighted that the figure of Ángel León, recognized and awarded, will join a great official program of the BZF and with a complete agenda of parallel events

Incubazul has 80% co-financing from the European FEDER Funds within the 2014-2020 Operational Program, A way of making Europe, through the INCYDE Foundation

The renowned Cadiz chef Ángel León, owner of two restaurants that have 4 Michelin stars and 3 Suns, will be a speaker at the Blue Zone Forum, the center for reflection on the transition towards a more sustainable socioeconomic model. In this way, gastronomy will be established within the framework of this event as one of the pillars of the Blue Economy. This was confirmed by the delegate of the Cádiz Free Zone, Fran González, in the presentation of the latest news of the event held this morning at a breakfast with the media.

Among Ángel León's innovations in the kitchen, he is recognized for having developed plankton for human consumption for the first time in 2009. This unique chef was named by the Michelin guide as the chef most committed to the environment, with what he achieved the Green Star.

Among the many recognitions, in 2011, the Wall Street Journal included Aponiente among the ten best restaurants in Europe, and the New York Times considered it one of the “10 restaurants in the world that are worth taking a plane to”.

In recent years, Ángel León has intensified an environmental commitment to the production of seafood, highlighting harvesting. Together with a brand of French champagne, he is promoting a research project to grow a cereal from the sea in marine gardens.

The Free Trade Zone of Cádiz organizes this great Blue Economy forum organized by the Consortium within the framework of Incubazul, which will bring together entrepreneurs, companies, institutions, experts and lecturers in Cádiz and where there will also be an area of ​​stands in which You will be able to attend live demonstrations by the exhibiting startups of different technologies and articles.

In the opinion of the State delegate in the Free Trade Zone of Cádiz, Fran González, “if we must place gastronomy as another of the pillars that support the Blue Economy, we have to do it with the help of international figures, who in this case coincide be from the province of Cádiz, as is the case of chef Ángel León. He has been awarded, recognized and also has a long career linked to gastronomy, in that complicity with the sea and the blue economy, but from a model of sustainability, commitment and innovation.

González wanted to highlight that "Ángel León's intervention will take place within the framework of a great official program and with a complete agenda of parallel events that will make the Blue Zone Forum an essential meeting for the blue ecosystem."

BZF will bring together in the same event international, national and local speakers who will present good practices and debate the needs and solutions in each of the large blocks on which the programming focuses, which will have two itineraries: one aimed at business public, called Thinking in Blue; and another aimed at entrepreneurs and Blue Youth, called Rock in Blue.

Among the main objectives of the BZF are raising awareness about the Blue Economy and the improvement of the sector through technological innovation; promote and encourage entrepreneurship, mainly among young talent; and support the business fabric.

Registration to attend the congress is open on the website www.bluezoneforum.es and has a free nature.

Complete agenda

During the two days of the Blue Zone Forum (BZF), a total of 38 speakers will participate, distributed across 12 tables, 3 conferences by relevant personalities, 5 expert workshops, 3 networking events and 10 parallel events. The sectors that will encompass the numerous activities of the BZF are: gastronomy, renewable energies, primary sector, coastal tourism and maritime transport. On the other hand, some central technological verticals have been proposed based on the Internet of Things (IOT), metaverse, blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

On Thursday, November 29, the inaugural conference will take place by Gunter Pauli, considered the father of the Blue Economy, who will speak after the institutional opening of the event.

This first day of the meeting there will be 5 tables and 3 workshops. The tables will be moderated by José Berasaluce, director of Masterñam, Ana Belén Cristóbal, ambassador of the European Climate Pact, José Luis Córdoba, director of Andalucía Lab, and Marta Gómez Lahoz, head of Blue Economy at Puertos del Estado. Numerous experts in each of the sectors will also participate.

The workshops will be taught by Sergio López Sanz “Haze”, Laura Chica and Rubén Turienzo.

On Thursday, November 30, 4 technology talks and 2 workshops will be held. The talks will be given by Kallitsa Savvidou (Innovation IoTTEch), Mariana Flink (Onversed), Carmen Torrijos (Prodigioso Volcán) and José Luis Núñez Díaz (Telefónica Tech).

On this day the workshops will be led by Emilio Solís and Yohania de Armas.

Finally, there will be a closing session on Public Financing in which José Llorca, head of Innovation at Puertos del Estado and José Bayón, CEO of Enisa, among others, will participate.

The speakers framed at the International in Blue and Dreaming in Blue tables will end the event.

This Blue Zone Forum congress has the collaboration of the Cádiz City Council, State Ports, the Cajasol Foundation, Caja Rural del Sur, Telefónica, Petaca Chico and the Incyde Foundation.

Incubazul has the support of the European Union, which co-finances it, through the Incyde Foundation, of the Spanish Chambers of Commerce, 80% by the ERDF within the Pluriregional Operational Program 2014-2020 within axis 3: Improve competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises and investment priority 3. Promotion of entrepreneurship, in particular, facilitating the economic exploitation of new ideas, and promoting the creation of new companies, also through incubators.